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appartamaneti in porvincia di ragusa

The Province of Ragusa, it is the smallest province and south of Sicily . Over the last number of years, tourism is growing. There are a lot  things to do and see in Sicily.  In the Ragusa province, there are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, famous for their Baroque Buildings.  Ragusa Ibla, allow some time to enjoy unexpected sensations. Crossing in front of  very simple doorways and  portals worked well in the Baroque style, with the gate adorned with flowers.  Modica, the city of the hundred churches, but also famous for their chocolate, that has been produced there for centuries, following a old recipe dating back to Spanish rule. Modica is enclosed in a shell of rock, and is certainly one of the oldest urban centers of Sicily. Scicli: this small city, UNESCO world heritage site, is beautifully set among the hills and valleys of Ragusa. Montalbano Itinerary: see all the famous places of the movie set of Montalbano, the most famous commissioner of Italy. The most famous seaside resorts are Pozzallo, a true terrace overlooking on the Mediterranean Sea, the only town in the province to be on the sea, and  Marina di Ragusa, for its historical past, is the summer resort of Southern Sicily.